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The population of the villages on both sides of Rognsundet has always been based on maritime communications, including to and from school on Altnes. What today is Seiland House was from the early 1950s operated as boarding school for children in the district.

Seiland is characterized by breathtaking alpine scenery, and most of the island is National Park. From Altnes is a road of approx. 8 km to the next village Hakkstabben. Altogether lives around twenty residents of this part of the island.

The nature park has a rich bird life, including hedges a large bird of prey population in the many desert and steep mountain areas.

Here are also some mammals such as otters, weasels and hares. During the summer months, several thousand reindeer and a hundred sheep pasture here on the island.

On Seiland there are countless lakes, two glaciers and great hiking whether you choose to go on foot or on skis.

You can in good weather see the midnight sun in the summer and the wonderful northern lights in winter.



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