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A happy Cuban girl trekking around Seiland National Park

Seiland has been always my paradise because it is a place where I meet love and friendship and where I have the unique possibility to be all the time in direct contact with an incredible nature.

This week we took the right decision to go trekking to Altnesfjellet, just starting from the back side of the sauna and jacuzzi in Seiland House. As Cuban you can imagine you will get an unbelievable experience, but the reality can go farther than your expectations. In a few hours I got all the possible and unpredictable surprises from the nature: clear rivers with fresh drinking water, amazing waterfalls and lakes, diversity of colourful flowers and fantastic images from Seiland National Park with its glacier. Every new higher point we got showed us a new view from the mountains, the sea and the fiords. And of course, the most remarkable memory for me as Cuban it was to enjoy, in the middle of a summer season, playing to throw snow balls and sliding from the snow mountains that we found more than 800 meters high.

Norway will be forever the country that have given me pure love from my husband and the possibility to enjoy with him the greatest emotions. And Seiland will always be the place I will revisit as much as I can, to continue to discover the mysteries of its wonderful nature.



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