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Seiland House & hospitality

When we chose the name Seiland House some years ago it was because we would like to be identified as a destination with great hospitality. We are not a five star hotel, and the motivation for the owners is not to get rich. We like to define our job as to open the doors of our house to friends and visitors that like to spend their vacations in this remote and paradisiac island. We cannot offer a “high-end” accommodation, but we have a perfect location for first-class sea fishing and trekking, while living in the middle of a majestic coastal landscape every day. As hosts we try to emphasize good service, a smile and good collaboration. In return we receive the loyalty of a high number of our customers. Many come back year after year and some even feel so identified with Seiland House that they offer to contribute to our improvement. With this small tribute we want to thank Dirk, Thomas and Serafino for their selfless help to hang Seiland House´s sign on our wall. As well as Volker & Vange and the others to authorize us to use their photos to decorate our new minibus. To all of them THANK YOU VERY MUCH and we hope we are able to continue fulfilling your expectations for a nice staying at Seiland House for the future.

Seiland 6th June 2017

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